Thursday, 23 October 2014


New Balance - via ASOS

Once upon a time, the likelihood of me wearing trainers was non-existent. That was until I discovered New Balance, although I do strongly dislike most of them (I am referring to the ones that are fifteen different shades of neon). They are also the comfiest things I have ever brought, I have recently been recovering from blisters caused by my Zara mules (worst.pain.ever) so these haven't come off my feet... Who would have thought it? Do I now need another pair of trainers?!

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Jumper - ASOS
Jeans - American Apparel
Bag - Zara (old)

This jumper is the softest, warmest, comfiest, cosiest jumper I have ever owned. Like a hug from a bear, or Alex Turner (I imagine that is a good hug). Anyway, I plan on wearing it every day for the rest of eternity. Paired with my American Apparel Mom Jeans, this makes for the comfiest outfit for Sunday errands, blogger error - I didn't get my feet in but I had my trusty Converse on. 

Oh, in other news, I reached 500 followers?! How did this happen? I find it insane that 500 people would read anything I have to say. It is even more insane that I started this blog in 2010, when I was 16/17 and now I am 21 and I am STILL posting about Alex Turner?! A girl can't deny his face OK. 

Thank you x1932084093250 beautiful sassy ladies xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I think I will call these culottes the ultimate 'man repellers', not that I dress very sassy anyway but I feel like these definitely confirm that fact. I actually love them though, paired with crops or with t-shirts tucked in, I am finding they are perfect for work and after work drinks, raspberry mojitos please. 

How are we all anyway? I am more excited for the Great British Bake Off than I can even explain. I thoroughly enjoy the multitude of puns and Mary Berry. Did anyone see that oriental style bomber-jacket?! Most fabulous lady! 

I will now go and drink a much needed glass of wine,,,,it's been a long 3 days! Lots of love. Jyn xoxox 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Jumper & Shoes - ZARA

My first jumper of Autumn. This is slightly okay and slightly not okay. Partly because it's probably the last time I can go bare-legged.. I have been so exhausted this week, it has involved a whole lot of me being really boring and being in bed at 9:30. My life is one big party… Anyway, I wore this yesterday when I actually got my social life back. I hope that I won't be so blergh after my much needed pamper session in a bit. I love sundays for pampering, I am really loving the Lush bathbomb - Granny Takes A Dip at the moment. Has anyone tried it? It smells fricken lovely.. which actually brings me on to my next point.. Has anyone noticed the new fragrances in Boots. 'Library of Fragrance'.. go have a smell next time you are stopping by, they are basically a collection of fragrances, with a scent made for everyone. I have to question some of their options, I spotted Sushi, Tomato and Leather, interesting..  They actually have their own website for anyone interested.. I need Almond, Fresh Coconut and strangely Vanilla Cake Batter.. Go check them out here, I am thoroughly intrigued. 

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo

Monday, 15 September 2014

Really fabulous girls wearing really fabulous clothes

I spend a lot of time on buses travelling to and from work and therefore spend longer than I care to admit scrolling through outfits and other weird and wonderful things that you stumble upon on there.. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Pull & Bear - BLUE - Lookbook

I am head over heels in love with Pull & Bear's new collection. 'Blue - A New Vision of Denim' is based around blue denim pieces, every so girly and I feel like Alexa Chung would approve if she saw the collection. I love the fit of the jeans, mixed with the distressed material and it's now 100% acceptable to wear double denim - which I love! (Pull & Bear have made it look more fab and less Timberlake and Britney in 2001.. this is definitely a good thing). I am lusting over the navy-blue duster coat/ mac for Autumn too, I think I may have to make a little purchase. A girl needs a mac in every colour, that's the rules and I am all about abiding.. 

Shop the collection, here

Has anyone else seen this collection? Thoughts?

Lots of love, Jyn xoxox 

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Black Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit - Zara (can't find online yet)
Necklaces - Various

I had never purchased a jumpsuit before, probably because in my head I looked like a convict or something from Orange Is The New Black. My usual post weekend ramble is short today as  I have virtually no energy. I can't wait until this week is over and it's only just begun. I feel like last week was long, and I feel like I spent the whole thing crying over stupid things, like missing my bus to work and then sad stories in the Metro. Anyone else feel like sometimes they need a good cry.. over e v e r y t h i n g? Cons of being a female. I was however cheered up watching the Inbetweeners and pancakes on sunday morning with my sister. Did anyone watch it? I did laugh the whole way through but I am not sure if I felt disappointed compared to the first film? I can't help but love Jay and Jay's lies though..

Hope you are all well. Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo