Sunday, 20 April 2014

London Calling

Cardigan - Monki via ASOS, Jeans - Topshop, Top - H&M, Shoes - New Look via ASOS

This cardigan is soooo not something I would usually wear but I saw it on the website and automatically thought 'i need you and you're in the sale so you will be mine'. Even though my immediate reaction when I tried it on was 'dressing gown' and that I probably wouldn't wear it out but, since I have had it I have actually worn it twice. I would love to know everyone's thoughts on it though - a) is it too long? b) do i look redic?? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I am also really not sure about this colour nail polish, I kept it on for all of two days and I had so many comments and looks of genuine disgust at the colour haha. Never.wearing.that.again. 

I hope your all having lovely Easter weekends? I write this as I awfully bite into a Lindt bunnies head, do I feel bad? Yes. Does it taste too good. Yes.

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shoot the poets

Top  & Bag - H&M (annoying not online but are new inshore), Jeans & Hat - Topshop, Boots - Office
Moody face say what in these photos ha...

What a sassy weekend I have had, I finished work on Thursday which instantly made me happy and then stayed in bed all morning Friday, working a 9-5 it is a rarity that I get any time to just lay there and not do anything. After dragging myself out of bed, treating myself to a Costa and spending more money in H&M (WHEN did they get soooo good??) I got ready to see Justin Timberlake, my wonderful friend Gemma had VIP tickets and being the sassy gal she is she invited me along. We had a verrrrry posh meal first of all, then we recognised Danielle Lloyd (is she a wag of some sort?) on the table opposite, I don't really keep too up with celebrities of such sorts but found it funny they were all chipping £20 in for their meal, haa. Anyway, after eating the very best lamb in Birmingham/ England/ The world we sat down to see the dreamboat that is Justin. At this point my ovaries combust, it has to be said that his dancing (although not on par with my baby Alex Turner) is phenomenal. At this point I would like to ask for peoples thoughts on me becoming one of his dancer's, wouldn't it be fab…

Anyway, the next day Josh treated me to breakfast at Fallen Angel. If you aren't from the wonderful place that is the Midlands then you may not have heard of them, I shall be putting up a post in the week all about them! Favourite place ever! This outfit is what I wore on Saturday and oh my do I love this new top. At the moment H&M can do no wrong, I actually went in looking for a top similar too this but I couldn't find it so I settled on this one which I liked equally as much. I can't wait to wear it with black Levi's cutoffs and tan shoes in the warmer days.

Today I haven't really felt that well so I have been having a sort out of my room, drinking smoothies and listening to The Strokes, whilst mentally preparing myself for having to go back to work tomorrow. SIGH.

I hope this post hasn't just been a rambled mess, I feel like all I have conveyed is that Justin Timberlake is one beautiful babe. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend enjoying the sun.

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo 
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nail polish of the moment.

Since it's meant to be getting a little warmer, (I write this whilst wearing so many layers that it's really hard to believe it is meant to be warmer) I am trying to introduce warmer colours into my 'nail wardrobe'. I recently brought Rimmel's  Colour Show in Orange Attack and instantly fell in love with it so I wanted to pick up the same brand in a few other colours, although this is in the 'red' section too, I loved that it was red/orange/ coral. It really brightens up your hands and I feel like it makes my nails look a little bit neater.. I love how the polishes in this range are all amazingly shiny, I would go as far as saying they are actually more gel like than the Barry M Gelly's 

I would love polish recommendations, I have gone crazy for painting my nails at the moment! Comment me and let me know which colours you are loving at the moment! 

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Easter @ Lush

Bunny - Bubble Bar £3.25 @ Lush - found here
Bunch of carrots - Reusable Bubble Bar £5.95 @ Lush - found here

Easter time is my ultimate favourite at Lush, they bring the very best little treats. Last year I was obsessed with their Fluffy Egg and had to repurchase it so many times because it smells amazing!

This year I wanted to try a few other bits so I picked up these two along with the Golden Egg which I haven't taken out of the packaging because it's just too messy!

The carrots can be swished around your bath to create bubbles and release a citrusy scent. I love that you can reuse them, the sad things about bathbombs are that you can only use them once. Well worth the money and they left my skin sassy fresh and silky smooth.

The Bunny was almost too cute too use and I did feel a little bad plunging him into a bath of water.. but when I did it filled my bathroom with the really lovely scent of vanilla, this is my preferred scent it's lovely for a relaxing bath after a long day, it also releases cornflour petals which smell beautiful but luckily don't get stuck to your skin because that is not nice!! Another thing I really liked is that it actually created bubbles unlike a lot of the bathbombs from Lush! This also left my skin feeling beautifully soft and for once I didn't have to lather on moisturiser, total bonus! Maybe it is because of the bubbles??

Does anyone have their eyes on anything in Lush? Easter or non-Easter collection.. comment me and let me know!

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo 

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

This is how we do it

Jumper, ShortsPurse - H&M, Hat - Topshop, Shoes - New Look (via ASOS)

I was having a bad hair day and battling with the wind so please excuse whatever is going on with my hair in these photos. 

I wore this yesterday and oh boyyyyyy do I love this jumper a little too much, it's like the jumper of my dreams seriously, I am a little in love with anything grey and I am not really someone that likes too much flesh on show (that being my arms or my chest - flat chested problems) but I think a low back is just so flattering and can still be slightly demure. I paired it with a new pair of leather shorts which are not everyones cup of tea - Josh said they looked like something from the 80's haha.. I love that the cut at the bottom of them and can see myself getting a lot of wear out of leather shorts this Spring/ Summer. 

Ah, can we just take a moment to discuss this nail polish for a second, it's so dreamy! I have had it for months and I don't think I have ever worn it.. It's like the forgotten polish until I rediscovered it the other day and fell in love with it! I never ever want to take it off my nails, it's the perfect bright reddy/ orange and will definitely be my go to polish for the foreseeable future! 

I hope you all had perfect weekends in the sun.. I did a little beauty haul on Friday so if anyone is interested in the things I picked up I might do a little post on them :) 

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo
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Monday, 10 March 2014


Coat, Leather Trousers, Hat - Topshop, Bag, Shoes - New Look via Asos (super duper old), Top, Coatigan & Fur - H&M  

I couldn't help myself with the title.. ha! 

Josh took these photos even though he was suffering with flu, brownie points to him! I wore this out on the weekend whilst I was running errands and then for lunch with my parents, it makes me laugh that everyone is pulling out their spring outfits and I am just the goth in the corner, forever want to just dress in black and grey..

I brought these shoes the other day because they reminded me of a cross between the Vagabond sandals and then strangely like a leather version of Juju's so I couldn't help but buy them, buy ohh my life, did they blister me yesterday whilst I was out shopping with a friend, holy jesus mother of gawd the pain… I remember a few years ago New Look shoes were good quality comfy shoes and I don't know what has happened but the use the evilest of faux leather and it just cuts straight through my feet *shudder*..

Did you all enjoy a brief moment of sun? I am current listening to the news *bore* and they just said this time last year it was -10, crazy times!

Hope you are all well, lots of love, Jyn xoxoox

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Boy's Don't Cry

Dress & Coatigan - H&M, Shoes - ASOS, Bag - Primark (old), Hat - Topshop

Hey beauts, I am finally back outside where the photos are just so much clearer outside than in! I did a little mini haul on Friday, it was definitely to cheer me up after I had the worlds worst hair cutting experience. I went to Supercut's and the lady who cut my hair was so horrid to be, she literally made me feel like shite and told me my hair was a mess, I was borderline an emotional mess when I left and all I wanted was the dead ends cut off my hair.. anyway; amongst the couple of things I brought I picked up this dress and coatigan which I wore out to pub lunch yesterday. I actually couldn't believe how many good pieces were in H&M, it seems that every now and then they really come out with some fantastic, totally affordable pieces. 

After my long weekend I am not looking forward to being back at work tomorrow, I am going to pamper my nails and I have a Soap and Glory bath, detox!!

Lots of love, Jyn xoxoxo
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